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"I love my GrillGrates. A Lot! This is the best new product I have tested in years. The concept is so very clever on so many levels: The base blocks flare-ups and helps prevent burning. As a result, meats brown beautifully, and you get really crispy chicken skin without scorching. Juices drip into the valleys between the rails where they are vaporized and the vapors penetrate the meat-enhancing flavor. The holes in the base allow some juices down and smoke and combustion gases up to reach the food adding more superb flavors. I have made my best steaks and burgers ever with GrillGrates."

Craig "Meathead" Goldwyn –

"After several uses, the "GrillGrate" has turned by gas grill into a cooking machine. No flare-ups and beef, chicken and fish taste better and moist. Beautiful grill marks. Every gas grill owner should have a set of Grill Grates. My Grill-Grate is paying for itself in saved money from gas grill flare-ups ruining the meats."

Rick G. – Atlanta, GA

"I have attempted roasted, stuffed chicken on the grill before, and ended up calling for pizza delivery."

Steve S. – Harrisburg, PA

"One word for your product: EXCELLENT!!!"

Jonathan A. – Indonesia

"I want to let you know that grill grates are the best thing since the invention of the Grill. I have been using them to cook just about everything on the grill since I received them. I am finding that being able to use higher heat is giving my foods a little more juice and more favorable veggies when I grill them. I love using the grill grates and friends have commented on the juicy flavor of steak, chicken, and pork as compared to my previous cooking. Not that it was bad before but its even better now. If you want to use my comments for ads or promotions feel free. Grill Grate user since 2007."

Jim F. – Pennsylvania

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